of precision parts
since 1994.

About our company

Our family company, PEaPE METAL, s.r.o. was established in 1994 by Mr. Rudolf Peřinka and his son Rudolf Peřinka, Jr. The company has managed to create a stable network of customers and suppliers, which has been a reflection of its good credit history and superior quality of work. Our primary aim has been to attract and retain long-term business partners and become partners in carrying out their challenging business.

Reference projects

Chassis Metropolis 6

Motor scooter racks

We are a manufacturer of complete racks and other critical safety parts and assemblages for PEUGEOT METROPOLIS 400 three-wheeled scooters.

DSC 1178 scaled

Hoisting and lifting equipment

We are a manufacturer of hoisting, lifting, crane and cable systems used in marine and off-shore industries.

DSC 0339 scaled

Spare parts for agricultural machinery and freight vehicles

We manufacture spare parts for freight vehicles and agricultural machinery, including brake cylinders for Tatra, Liaz and Karosa air brake systems, as well as lifts, trailers, special machinery etc.


Electrical industry parts

We manufacture various parts for the electrical industry – such as components for transformer stations, wind power plants, etc. These parts are made of various types of basic materials – such as steel of different grades, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass etc.


is co-financed by the European Union
The project will acquire machinery and equipment that will complement the existing machinery and enable the implementation of new technological operations. The result will be a faster passage of the product through the production process, an increase in production efficiency, quality and accuracy of production.

PEaPE METAL, Ltd. achieved an excellent 5th place in the SMEs4FUTURE competition.

The Regional Economic Chamber of Brno awarded the success of PEaPE METAL, Ltd. with the 5th place among 221 small and medium-sized enterprises of the South Moravian Region.

Behind the Scenes of ESEF 2024

CEO of CzechTrade, Ing. Rudolf Peřinka, Reveals PEaPE METAL, s.r.o.

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